I am a painter and a photographer; I intend to resolve as a painter what I haven’t been able to capture with my lens: The majesty and intensity of the small patch of Colombia’s rainforests that exist in the backyard of my father’s house. Trying to capture the myriad shades, the intricate details of flora and fauna, and the subtle nuances often lost in photographs that may appear as uniform landscapes has been a challenge.

It is a celebration of nature’s complexity and a testament to the interconnectedness of all its elements. I want to create a mural that is both abstract and representational.

The lines will suggest the forms of trees, but they will also be expressive and dynamic on their own. I want the viewer to see both the trees and the lines and appreciate the interplay between them.The line, the most fundamental element in graphic expression, will be the cornerstone of this mural. Inspired by the visual textures of handwriting, calligraphy, and graffiti, it will manifest in various forms.

These lines will intertwine, creating a sense of movement and energy. Infused with the spirit of Sumi-e painting, the gestures will capture the subject’s essence with a few deliberate strokes.Vegetation emerges as the central motif in the mural, providing a unifying element for the diverse threads of lines, forms, and gestures. The lines of the tree mimic those of writing—fluid, interconnected, and expressive. I aim to create textures and effects that breathe life into the mural by employing various techniques such as layering paint, scratching, and dripping.

The large scale of the wall will be an opportunity to explore these elements in a truly immersive way.Its natural form is an inspiration for the lines and gestures, like lines dancing across the surface, forms emerging from the negative space, and gestures capturing the very essence of the tree. It will be a physical and visual exploration of the possibilities inherent in these seemingly simple elements, an experience that draws the viewer into the world of the written line.

The act of physically moving your body across the vast surface will itself become a form of gestural expression, adding another layer of meaning to the work.My affinity for large formats aligns with the rare opportunity to work on a grand scale.

The size of my paintings traditionally corresponds to the dimensions of the space before me, often involving assembling smaller parts into a cohesive whole.As an artist who favors brown paper as the primary surface, I embrace the unique qualities it imparts. White paint becomes a color, and blacks exist not in extreme contrast but as nuanced tones against the warm backdrop of brown. This choice lends a distinctive character to my work, shaping the visual experience for the viewer.