Frequently Asked Questions



Do you offer triptychs or polytychs?

Yes, we can do this for many photographs. Please reach out and share your idea.
A triptych is a work of art or photography that is divided into three sections.  Polyptych is the term for all multi-panel works. Panel sizes can be of equal or differing sizes (typically the largest is in the center and is flanked by two smaller related works or sections of the image).

D0 pictures of nature really make a difference?

 It’s more than a hunch.  Peer reviewed studies published in JAMA, Lancet and more demonstrate that seeing a photograph of a misty forest, ladybug, or seashell may lower anxiety, reduce blood pressure, and improve a patient’s mood.  Not convinced? Consider how you feel when you walk into a forest, come across a beautiful image, or walk into a peaceful space.

D0 you accept commissions for a specific idea or space?

Yes, please reach out to us so we can let’s talk about your needs. We offer consultations to help you design artscapes for your waiting rooms, offices, and patient rooms. In addition, we have a variety of photographs and artwork in our studio that are not found on our website. If you have a specific image in mind, we also accept commissions.

What if I just want one photo?

Thats fine! People often fall in love with one photograph–whether it be of a relaxing seascape, a close up of a butterfly, or a seashell. Others are in search of a signature image for their office or patient room. You can choose a canvas that caught your eye, purchase a carefully curated package, or select several photographs and pieces of artwork.