I aspire to create unique calligraffiti pieces using an asemic script inspired by Colombian pre-Columbian symbols. To achieve this, I intend to utilize the foundations of Western calligraphy and illuminations.

· Mastering Fundamentals: Learning historical scripts like Gothic or Uncial provides a robust foundation in letterform construction, spacing, and composition. This understanding is crucial for manipulating and adapting symbols for my asemic script. By practicing script construction, I can define the basic units (letters, symbols, strokes) and establish rules for their combination and placement, forming a system that allows me to explore the script’s potential.

· Exploring Illuminations: Studying the intricate decorations of illuminated manuscripts inspires me to integrate similar elements into my calligraffiti pieces, adding depth and visual richness. This exploration helps me consider how the script interacts with other visual elements on the canvas, whether it takes center stage or blends seamlessly within the composition. While asemic scripts don’t convey specific meanings, I can imbue them with personal symbolism or evoke certain emotions through my choices of form and color.

· The Script: While acknowledging that pre-Columbian symbols weren’t strictly asemic (some likely had communicative purposes), their enigmatic character and connection to forgotten languages deeply resonate with me. I envision developing an asemic script inspired by these symbols, echoing their visual power without imposing definitive meanings. Imagine flowing lines reminiscent of ancient petroglyphs, punctuated by shapes mirroring geometric pottery motifs. This wouldn’t be mere decoration; it would be a bridge across time, inviting viewers to contemplate the mysteries of bygone civilizations and the expressive potential of non-verbal communication.

· A Symphony of Form and Freedom: My artistic passion draws me to the expansive surfaces and unrestrained expression embodied by graffiti. I’m captivated by contrasting scripts, each with its unique voice: the sharp angles of Gothic and the soft lines of biomorphic Arabic. I seek a marriage of gestural energy and spontaneous expression with technical mastery, where apparent ease and visual storytelling intertwine. Text, for me, is a powerful visual language, and in calligraffiti, it transcends mere words to become art.