About Us




We are Lili and Lori,  the founders of Unlimited Art Creations. Together, we have focused on healing through the arts for two decades. We met when we were seven years old. United by our love of art and science–which at the time meant a fascination for bean sprouts and carving ducks out of twigs–we quickly became inseparable. As we grew, our lives diverged, Lili’s interest deepened into studying the treatment to various diseases while Lory focused on photography. Yet, though separated by thousands of miles and different career paths we retained a passion for healing. Today, we have united to put our medical and artistic knowledge to work creating high quality photographs that make a positive impact in clinics around the world. 

Our Philosophy

Our mission is  to design an environment that helps doctors and other medical professionals provide exceptional care for their patients. Through a constant refinement of our photographic technique and evidence-based curation of images, we challenge ourselves to get better each year. Our goal is to  provide clinics with an environment which can support medical professionals in their effort to provide patients the best care and experience possible. 



Lory is a professional photographer who sees her camera as a bridge through which to meet the world. she combines this with a has a passion for research into health and healing. When not taking photographs, she is busy exploring the blockchain and its uses for art and social change.


Lili is practicing  physician with XXX years of experience.  In addition to nephrology and internal medicine, Lili has devoted herself to researching environmental impacts on patient outcomes.  In her spare time, she loves to explore the wild nature of the  Rio Grande Valley with her family.